Nothing. There is never a charge to the camp for the prescription services.  If the camp chooses to order supplies we will bill you just for what is ordered.

No. You can choose to make it optional.  Many camps choose to make our service mandatory so that they can ensure that the medication program is properly administered to each camper safely and efficiently.

We suggest that you inform the parents through your regular mailings and on your camp website. We can provide a link or button which can be added to your website so that parents can register on-line and learn more about our programs.

Parents can register on-line or by fax or mail. If they prefer to register by fax or mail they can download registration form and send it to us once they have completed it. If parents have any questions, they can contact us at

We offer a wide variety of packaging options for your campers including blister packs, individualized dose packs, vials, etc. Our support team will work with you and your staff to determine the packaging most appropriate for your campers. Our most popular packaging is provided in unit-dose packs where each medication is packaged by date and time of dispense along with any other medications due to be administered at the same time of day.

Packages are heat-sealed with a detailed label that includes the camper’s name, date of birth, medications enclosed, date and time to be administered and any special instructions. The strip is then rolled and placed in a small box (a few inches on each side) with a slot at the top. Your staff simply pulls out each dose, tears open the perforated packet, and hands the camper his medications. Inhalers, creams, and liquids are dispensed as usual and sent with the camper’s other medications. Please note that some pills cannot be packaged with other pills because they will decompose or cause a chemical reaction. Those medications are packaged and sent separately.

Yes and this saves your staff a lot of time! When parents register they provide us with detailed information regarding OTC medications, including dose and time of administration. Our pharmacy will package them with any prescription medications dosed at the same time of day. Our pharmacy obtains outstanding volume discounts on OTC medications, so parents may enjoy significant savings on these items. Prescriptions or ‘Physician Authorization” (a note from the Doctor on letterhead) is required for us to package over the counter medication.

Yes. We package “as needed” prescription medications separately and send them labeled with directions for administration.

Yes. They are included in separate, resealable packages marked for special dosing.

We handle many injectables, such as growth hormones and insulin. It is really up to you and your staff to determine their qualifications to administer these medications safely.

Absolutely, we provide our service to EVERYONE in the camp. Simply sign up and check off staff member on the registration form. Obviously, we cannot process insurance for staff who reside outside the United States. Please check with us about prescriptions written from Doctors located outside the United States.

Yes. We can usually order the camp supplies at a significant savings.  If you provide us with a list of what you need we will be happy to send you pricing. All orders can be shipped within 24 hours from our pharmacy throughout the camp season.

We work directly with your staff to insure that all medications and supplies arrive well before the start of the session on the arrival date you choose. Generally we recommend having the medications on site at the camp at least 5 days before the session begins.

That depends on many things. We will strive to get everyone their medication delivered at the same time, however, in some cases this is not possible. In these scenarios we will do our best to get the order to the camp as quickly as possible, keeping both the camp and parents informed each and every step. If the medications will not arrive prior to the first day of the session, we will advise the caregiver to send the camper with enough medication to last until the shipment arrives.  We will also notify your camp health staff of the situation.

No, because insurance rules require that we obtain and ship only one month’s supply of medication at a time. If a camper will need more than a one month supply of medication, the doctor must write the prescription with refills. We will arrange to have the medications refilled and shipped to camp at the appropriate time before the current supply runs out.

Our packaging is portable, tear proof, and waterproof, making it ideal for overnights away from camp. Your staff can simply tear off the number of doses needed for each camper and tuck them in a backpack.

We can also supply you with overnight first-aid kits at minimal cost.

That is up to you. We can provide several options to fit with your camp procedures. We offer a printed log which your staff can update and helps to keep track of each medication dispensed. This ensures accurate record keeping in the event of any emergency. Please have your medical staff discuss your camp requirements with our support team so that we can arrange for a method that works best for your camp. Accuracy and simplicity is the key to compliance for this important issue.

Yes. We will keep both parents and camp staff informed at each step of the process.

For parents, in addition to our email acknowledgment of their order, they receive another email when we ship their child’s medications to camp.

For the camp, we will email the contact person you have indicated to let them know a shipment is coming. At that time we will also let you know if there are any problems with medications. For example, if some parents ordered late and when their children’s medications will be shipped. We also provide for on-line reporting so that your team can find the information they require. Call us to discuss the reporting options available to your camp.