Remove hassles for everyone!

Dealing with insurance companies is no fun.


We understand what is required to make insurance hassles go away. Our dedicated Insurance Team eliminates the hassles for your staff, parents, and patients before they happen. With the constant fluctuations in the healthcare and insurance industries, rules and regulations seem to change by the hour. We know it can be extremely frustrating, so we attempt to take the burden off of your hands. Our dedicated support team is here to help you work through any issues that you may be having. We have streamlined our process and procedures to minimize problems before they occur, however, more importantly our processes reduce issues when they do.

We are the pharmacy.

This makes all of the difference in the insurance area.  We are the choreographer of this delicate insurance dance. We simplify the process so that there is no disconnect between the caregiver, the physician, the patient, the insurance company and the pharmacy to ensure that each part of this machine is working in sync.  Most importantly, the amount of headaches and issues that you are usually burdened with will be reduced dramatically.

Important facts:

insurance form

  • We are licensed throughout the United States accepting most insurance plans.
  • Our streamlined processes and dedicated staff are in place to handle insurance issues before they occur including 90 day/mail order refills, vacation overrides, prior authorizations etc.
  • Perhaps the biggest challenge in processing insurance claims is having the prescriptions covered prior to the start or after the conclusion of your session, and we have a process in place to accommodate these issues.