We would never recommend a simple plastic vial for medications. We offer special blister packaging as well as unit-dose packaging which separates all of the patients’ medication by dispensing time. We will utilize the packaging choice selected by the camp; however, if you require a different packaging option to suit a disability or convenience please let us know so that we can accommodate your specific needs.

The following is an example of the packaging materials we currently offer:

Multi-Dose RXPlusPak
Blister Packs

RXPlusPak organizes prescription medications into individual packets. Each packet is labeled with the medication, day, date and time to be taken. RXPlusPak allows nurses to administer medicines to campers in a better, quicker and safer way when they are away at camp thus eliminating any medication errors.
Blister cards organize prescription medications into easy to use weekly or monthly cards. These cards organize the medications to ensure that the correct medication is taken each day. Blister cards offer a safe, convenient and easier way to administer medicines to the campers thereby eliminating any possibility of medication errors.
Blister packs