We understand that one of your biggest concerns as a parent is your child’s health and safety. When your child goes off to summer camp those concerns are multiplied because they are no longer under your watch.  From when we receive your registration to getting the shipment of medications to camp, we provide email status reports throughout to make sure you are informed of every step of the way.  And our team is just a phone call away to answer any questions you have.

With our system of packaging and medication checks we attempt to eliminate all medication errors. Each medication is prepackaged according to dosing time.  Let’s say that your child has 3 different prescriptions (three pills at breakfast, one at lunch, and two at dinner). Your child will have an AM dose with all three pills in one single package, a NOON dose with one pill, and an EVENING dose with two pills in the pack… You no longer have to worry if the medical staff is counting out the pills correctly or dispensing it at the proper times… We fill all of our prescriptions according to the doctors prescription and have helped countless families and individuals adhere to their proper medication schedule.

Medications are always filled under the direct supervision of our pharmacist and go through a multi-phase checking process before being shipped to camps.

With Campers Pharmacy you have peace of mind and your camper has a great summer!