Here is what we do for you:

What we do

  • We are the Directors of your Medication Movie.  We keep all of the parts of the show running smoothly. There is no middle man. There is no disconnect between caregivers, parents, group staff, the physician, the insurance company and our team of pharmacists who are available to you 24/7. Safety comes first and with direct access between the parties we can reduce medication errors before they occur.
  • Check-point Processing. Our system provides for a coordinated and comprehensive system of check-points. If something is detected by either our highly trained staff or by our pharmacy system, we have procedures in place to resolve these issues before they even get to our client. This system allows for an accurate and controlled journey from registration to dispensing, delivery and refilling.
  • We solve insurance issues before they occur. Our comprehensive Insurance Team coordinates and processes all insurance claims, co-pays and deductibles efficiently and accurately.  We advise parents on prior authorizations, vacation over-rides and 90-day/mail order insurance issues before problems occur. We also offer suggestions and possible solutions for any issue that may arise.
  • You will not receive multiple bills from several providers. You are charged only by us (if applicable) for registration fees, insurance, co-payments and deductibles, etc.
  • We pass along savings directly to you. We earn our living by filling prescriptions, not through high registration fees.  We attempt to find savings for our customers whenever possible and pass that directly onto you. There are new manufacturer coupons coming out each month; when we see one that applies we will absolutely pass this savings to our customers.
  • We provide direct HIPAA-protected online access to medical records and administrative information. Your dedicated representative will work closely with the healthcare staff to eliminate the panic and worry about medication error before it happens. Your medical staff will have a secure log-in section to view all patient information in case of an emergency.
  • On-time delivery. We receive multiple medication deliveries each day from our Wholesaler, to ensure that we have all of the medication on hand that we require. As a result of this, any medication that needs to be quickly packaged and delivered, we can handle same/next day (depending on time of day).