Medication Management For Camps
Direct from our Pharmacy

Parents have many concerns when sending their children off to camp, and making sure that their child’s strict drug regimen is followed accurately should not be one of them. Campers Pharmacy offers a safe, effective medication delivery system with prepackaged dosages clearly labeled with each camper’s name and medication information printed directly on the package. If we can help a camp provide peace-of-mind for parents, while streamlining their own operations, wouldn’t this be well worth some serious consideration?

Choosing our service will not only ensure that your campers are staying healthy by getting proper doses at the right times, but it will save your staff countless hours of sorting and labeling individual medications and dosages. Most importantly, it will provide parents with the confidence to entrust their children’s medical needs to you.


We have been processing prescriptions for accounts like yours for many years.  While the registration process seems simple and straight forward, if not done properly can cause many future problems. Running a pharmacy program and keeping up to date with insurance issues, claims processing and the like requires direct communication between the facility, the guardian, and the doctor.  Camp directors have enough on their plate, and should not need to worry about these tasks. Campers Pharmacy and its staff are here to help take this burden off of your shoulders and assist you in any way possible; we are accessible for any questions you may have.