We offer specialized packaging for camps.  Unit dose packaging simplifies every med pass and limits the possibility of a camper being administered the wrong medication.   Each pre-packaged dosage is clearly labeled with patient name; time of administration; medication names and strengths making for safer, more efficient distribution.

We also offer blister cards, which organizes medication into plastic blisters to be popped open at distribution.  Blister cards can be packaged for 30/60/90 day with separate cards for as needed medication.

Each packaging option ensures medication is:

  • Filled and sealed under direct supervision of the pharmacist  to eliminate errors.
  • Hygienic and convenient compared to standard pill vials
  • Medications are uniformly labeled and ready to administer.
  • Each packet is labeled with the patient name, medication, day, date and time to be taken
  • No missed doses
  • Delivered in medication boxes labeled with patient’s name.
  • Medications arranged by medication administration time
  • Packets will arrive in an easy dispensing box.
  • Medications stay protected from elements

Medication is shipped in sealed packages labeled with campers name and arrives at your camp prior to the camp session.

Blister packs